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Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC is a chemical released from a fatty acid in soy and other plants, used as medicine. In Europe, it's a prescription medication for Alzheimer's, while in the US, it's available as a memory-boosting dietary supplement.*


Alpha-GPC is one of the products of phospholipid metabolism in the body. It is the biosynthetic precursor of the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine and lecithin. Experimental research and clinical application show that alpha-GPC can not only improve people’s memory and cognitive ability, but also have significant effects on cerebral circulation decline and senile dementia, so it is called the anti-aging nutrient of the brain. * In addition, it also has the functions of resisting muscle atrophy, protecting blood vessels, and improving fertility. * Therefore, GPC has important value in the food, health products and pharmaceutical industries.


• Nutritional Supplements: Used in supplements for cognitive support and memory enhancement.

• Infant Formula: Added to some infant formulas for cognitive development support of infants.

• Medical Foods: Included in specialized formulations aimed at supporting brain health and cognitive function in specific medical condition.

Storage & Packaging

Store in well-closed containers at room temperature. Packaged in 25kg bags.


GRAS approved ingredient by the FDA – GRN No. 1141
High purity (≥98%)
Low heavy metal and microorganisms
Gluten-free and non-GMO
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United States Patent

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